Team Carp(e) Aventure

Carp fishing in Quebec and Canada, simple, accessible, fun!

The way to the sensations of the fight and the pride of catching a carp.


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The origins

Team Carpe Aventure, what is it?


The enthusiasts who make up this team share and promote their passion with photos, videos and reviews.

Where to buy?

All the necessary addresses to get equipped and to be able to practice this fishing from beginner to confirmed.

Where to fish?

The different accesses, lakes and rivers, free and paying where you can fish for carp in Quebec and nearby. There is something for everyone!

Our media

Follow us via our YouTube channel and our Facebook and Instagram accounts to discover, learn and share this wonderful passion and about this fabulous fish.

Discussion group

Facebook group to exchange, share and learn from each other about our common passion and our favorite fish.


Articles on the carp fishery in Quebec, Canada and internationally.


Presentation and link to our partners.

Challenge Carp Québec

The only 48-hour consecutive carp fishing tournament in Quebec! (on hold due to COVID-19)

Carp fishing at Outfitter Roger Gladu

Unique experience in Canada

Discover the joy of catching a wild Canadian common carp

Through their chronicle (Carp Chronicle) and their adventure stories in videos, Team Carpe Aventure shares their knowledge and explains how to catch carp, whether you are a beginner or an expert.


Multi-species fisherman for 40 years who discovered carp fishing in 2018.

“Today, I’m looking forward to my first session. A fishing that wins at be known. An ultra combative fish, accessible for the whole family, that doesn’t necessarily require super-expensive equipment. Carp fishing, a great opportunity to get together with friends, by family, to enjoy the nature quietly.” 

J. Boucher

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