A wind of madness

As a sport fisherman, all my life I’ve learned to hate the wind. Having fished mainly from a boat, the wind could make conditions very unpleasant. Control of the boat became more difficult and the proper presentation of lures and bait could be compromised.

When I discovered carp fishing, the interest in using a boat quickly dissipated. Gone was the challenge of finding an accessible and reasonably priced boat launch. As a result, my contempt for the wind lost some of its meaning.

The carp allows us to say goodbye to our boat for good if we want to. This species can be fished very well, and even more easily, from the shore. It frees us from the stress of storage, maintenance and the increasingly exorbitant costs related to the use of a fishing boat.

Carp is a very weather-sensitive fish. Sudden changes in wind direction, thunderstorms, showers, cold fronts, the same conditions for several days, or a change in wind intensity can stimulate or stop carp activity. The angler must know how to adapt to weather jolts and the mood of miss carp.

When the wind rises abruptly during the day or intensifies significantly and becomes downright violent, stand close to your rods! I have often experienced one of those instant frenzies in such conditions, even late in the fall!

A strong wind creates large waves that cause a lot of turbulence in shallow water and rip particles, animalcules and earthworms from the shoreline. The water is then filled with suspended matter and food that the carp will take advantage of. The wind also promotes oxygenation of the water, which in turn stimulates fish activity. Finally, the waves reduce the penetration of the sun’s rays, making the carp much less wary.

Thanks to the carp, I learned to appreciate the wind and to take advantage of it, at least, when I am fishing. Although a sudden strong wind can be beneficial to carp fishing, conversely, it will be negative if it lasts several days. Know how to take advantage of it when the opportunity arises and you will experience strong sensations!

Good fishing!


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