Share of the banx

Please, pick yourself up!

Access to water in Quebec is a true luxury, mainly reserved for waterfront property owners and the more affluent. Unfortunately, we have to fish where we can and not where we want. Too often, these rare accesses cannot accommodate many fishers at once either. Access to water in Quebec is a real problem! We must therefore not only raise awareness among our elected representatives, but also do our part on the waterfront. I will regularly insist on the importance of leaving no trace of our passage and NEVER leave WASTE lying around. Be aware that not only are you harming other fishermen, but you may also be blocking access to your favorite spot… It’s easy to carry a rubbish bag with you and to pick up, between two carps, the rubbish which is lying around… Avoid making fires, playing loud music, “partying” or talking too loudly when you are close to inhabited areas. In Quebec, fishermen seem to be “tolerated” at most. By not taking the shoreline as a dumping ground, let’s show the population that we are respectful of the environment.

Have a good season!


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