Springtime in Québec…

Spring is a season highly anticipated by carpanglers. It heralds the awakening of carps which are coming out of a long period of “hibernation” during which they have fed very little due to a metabolism which works in slow motion in icy water.

It is also the moment when the carps begin to feed abundantly again, as they come out of this long period of starvation and must now regain their strength for the most popular annual event of the year, spawning!

In the spring, the carps look for areas that warm up more quickly – shallow berries that are well exposed to the sun’s rays, with a good cover of vegetation that will allow the females to eventually lay their eggs. They also swim up shallow rivers with muddy bottoms and very low flows. Carp can also be found in areas flooded by the spring freshet. When the temperature of water will have reached 18°C, it will be the signal of the great annual gathering for the posterity… It is a period during which it is easy to find the carps with a minimum of spotting. The numerous jumps betray their presence…

When the water reaches 7 or 8°C, it’s the right moment to start teasing the carp. Although the carps normally respond very well to a generous baiting, it is not rare to make beautiful peaches with only a fluorescent yellow pop-up and a well stocked feeder method, especially when you have found a good gathering.

Have a good season!


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