Beginner's gear

Rod: sensations, low budget, beginner

Hey! You! Yes yes, you.

You’d like to fish for carp but don’t know where to start? You don’t want to spend a lot of money to practice what will become a passion later on? Well, follow me, I may have the information you need to have a dream fishing experience!

Several equipments are essential to fish carp like a net, a landing mat but above all, you need a fishing rod.

On several occasions, I have been told: You don’t fish carp with that! Speaking of my Ugly Stick GX2 rod that I bought for about 50$ at Canadian Tire. Despite being a 6 foot 6 inch medium rated rod with a capacity of 6 to 15 lbs, it doesn’t let it get to me. I have caught nearly a hundred carp with this rod in my first two years of fishing. My best catch so far is this beautiful 29lb beast (pictured) caught with an Ugly Stick GX2. I also bought myself another, bigger rod. However, the fights are not as exciting as what I still get from a carp caught on this Ugly Stick.

Also, it may be unrelated but I broke my second (bigger) rod the same summer I bought it, during a cast. However, I was able to rely on my little Ugly stick to finish my 48 hours of fishing at Roger Gladu Outfitters. In short, there is no point in paying $200 for a rod to catch a carp. A good rod with an average capacity of 6-15 lbs did the trick for me and is still in use. However, you will have to adjust your technique accordingly. It goes without saying. Stay tuned for the next publication to know the basic equipment needed to fish carp, without breaking the bank.

Let’s go ! Fish on!

Steve Therrien