Challenge Carp Québec 2023

The organization reserves the right to modify the rules at any time (Last updated July 17, 2023 at 6am)

Important points :

  • Registration are closed for 2023.
  • The prize list is updated continuously.

Our current partners :

We would especially like to thank our partners without whom this event would not be possible!

Teaser :

Duration :

From Friday 25 to Sunday 27 August 2023.

  • 48 hours of fishing from Friday morning 12am to Sunday 12am.


  • 6h : reception of the teams;
  • 6h30 : registration of the teams and verification of the permits;
  • 8h: drawing of lots;
  • 9h: access to the spots;
  • 12h: beginning of the competition;


  • 12h: end of the competition;
  • 15h: final ranking and award ceremony.

Rules :

By entering an event, competitors agree to abide by these rules in their entirety. Any infringement, fraud or attempted fraud will result in exclusion from the tournament without refund.

!!! This is a wading tournament !!!

!!! Fishing spots are only accessible by boat. For teams without their own boat, a shuttle service will be offered between the outfitter and the fishing spots to go to the spots on Friday and return on Sunday. Teams coming with their own boat will get a $30 discount with discount code CB2023!!!

Carte des spots 2022/Map of 2022’s peg
  1. Participation in teams of 2 anglers;
  2. (new) 2 minors are authorized to form a team under the following conditions (stewards will be particularly vigilant):
    • To be supervised by an adult throughout the competition;
    • To avoid any risk of cheating, only 2 rods will be allowed on the spot (for fishing and baiting).
    • Adults are forbidden to use a rod while fishing, on pain of disqualification (they may, however, help a youngster hold the line in the event of a problem).
  3. All those wishing to participate are eligible. There is no minimum age required to participate, but minors must be accompanied by an adult (over 18) on the spot during the tournament and are under their responsibility;
  4. The competition will take place regardless of the weather. However, it may be delayed or interrupted in the event of thunderstorms, flooding and/or if people’s safety is endangered. In such cases, the duration of the competition will be limited according to the weather conditions;
  5. Fishing permits must be checked. It will be carried out before the draw by the designated person or his/her representative;
  6. Control of equipment, bait and groundbait is the responsibility of the stewards;
  7. Boat anglers and pleasure boaters have priority in the use of the water. In all cases, courtesy and mutual respect are essential;
  8. Each spot is equipped with a dock and a mowed area;
  9. Your fishing radius extends up to 150 feet on either side of the mowed area;
  10. The permanent presence of an angler in the mowed area is mandatory. In the event of a teammate finding himself alone and in difficulty with a fish, another competitor in the tournament may come to help in order to exhaust the fish (priority is given to preserving the health of the fish);
  11. 2 fishing rods per team are allowed;
  12. Equipment for exhausting and releasing the fish:
    • Ideally, a landing mat and landing net specially designed for carp (otherwise a yoga mat and a large pike well will suffice),
    • Provide at least 3 storage bags (here is an example and another example) per team to store the fish while waiting for the stewards to pass by;
  13. 1 hook per line;
  14. All fish will be returned to the water after weighing by the stewards;
  15. Only common and mirror carp (cyprinus carpio) will be counted;
  16. Weigh-ins:
    • One weigh-in on Friday afternoon, one on Saturday at noon and the second and final weigh-in at 10am on Sunday morning (subject to change) ;
    • Important: In the event that a team catches a common carp weighing 40lbs or more or a mirror carp, it must immediately contact the stewards so that the fish can be weighed in as quickly as possible and returned to the water;
  17. For the sake of fairness between all competitors, it is FORBIDDEN to use the boat for baiting, dropping lines and fighting fish. Teams with their own boat will only be allowed to use it to go to the spot on Friday and return on Sunday;
  18. (new) Bait boats and drones are authorized;
  19. The organization declines all responsibility in the event of loss and/or theft;
  20. Ranking determined by the cumulative weight of the 4 biggest carp caught per team (in the event of a tie, the team with the biggest fish will decide, if still tied, it will be the cumulative weight of the 2 biggest fish, and so on);
  21. As this is a wilderness camping tournament, you’ll need to bring what you need to bury your waste.
  22. A garbage bag will be distributed to each team. (An inspection of the spots after the teams have left will be carried out, and teams leaving dirty or damaged spots will be liable to penalties at the prize-giving ceremony);
  23. Bring waters, thigh boots or boots (spots may require walking in water and/or mud);
  24. Prohibited landmarks;
  25. Alcohol abuse by an angler will result in automatic disqualification of the pair, without refund;
  26. Abuse of any substance by an angler leading to behavior inappropriate for a fishing tournament will result in automatic disqualification of the pair, with no refund possible;
  27. We ask you to show the utmost respect for the fish and the fishing grounds. Any behavior that does not comply with the rules will be directly sanctioned by a warning, a reprimand or even exclusion from the team;
  28. Standing barbecues authorized;
  29. Visitors are not allowed;
  30. All participants in this event agree to the use of their image rights and to the use of their personal data;
  31. Any team not complying on D-day with the original registration form will be disqualified without refund;
  32. You leave the spots with your garbage bins, several bins are available at the reception of the outfitter.

List of equipment required for novice and/or beginner (possibility of loaning equipment for the tournament, contact the organizer):

For all those who are not initiated to this type of fishing and who wish to participate in this tournament, here is the minimum equipment required so as not to be caught off-guard:

  1. A tent for shelter in case of bad weather;
  2. Something to sleep on and keep warm (ground sheet, inflatable mattress or a folding camping bed). ATTENTION: the ground is not flat and smooth like in a campsite;
  3. One fishing rod per person, medium/heavy type, as for bearded or sturgeon;
  4. The use of a “hair rig” is strongly recommended but not compulsory (example in the picture at the bottom of the list). You have three options:
    1. either buy silicone hair rigs on which the corn is threaded with a needle (“needle” or “stringer”);
    2. buy hair rigs already assembled;
    3. for the more experienced, a hair rig (see photo below), of which here is a tutorial to make one; ;
  5. Weight sling mandatory (conservation bag to keep the fish alive in the water during the weighing);
  6. A landing mat is mandatory to avoid injuring the fish when it is placed on the ground (a yoga mat is sufficient);
  7. A well big enough to hold a carp.
Example of “hair rig” tackle

Price (research in progress) :

2,800 in cash for the podium and products of TrakMaps, Seasons TV, Powerpro, etc (sponsorship and prizes being sought)

CategoryAwards ($CA)
1st place1,600 (1,200 + free entry for the 2024 edition)
2nd place800 $
3rd place400 $
6 PowerPro braid spools300$
4 TrakMaps navigation maps300$
TV Seasons goodies50$
(new) Deeper pro+ 2400$
(new) CarpSpirit tackle (landing net, bite alarm, needle)500$
(new) Other door prizesawaiting confirmation
Other requests pending

If you have any questions and/or sponsors to propose, please do not hesitate to contact the organisers (see contact details at the end of this announcement).

Registration :

Registration fee: 400$CA / team *

* Does not include :

Lac Saint-Pierre Wildlife Area fishing permit: ~$15 (buy online or at the outfitter’s office)


The 400$CA registration fee includes shuttle transportation to the spots. But if you don’t use the shuttle (you come with your own boat or rent one at the outfitter), use the discount code “CB2023” when you register online to get a 30$CA discount per team.

Boat rental :

If you don’t have a boat and want one for the tournament, you can rent a rowboat (Yukon or Jon boat type with 25hp motor) from the outfitter for the tournament, about $360 for the weekend.

For more information : go to the website ou 1-866-836-1317

Except in case of cancellation of the tournament, all payments are non-refundable.

For all requests for information : or on the Facebook page of Team Carpe Aventure via text messaging.

Registration closed for 2023.

You can follow us on the registration platform.