Team Carpe Aventure

The carp, a story of friendship and sharing, again and again

The origins

It all started…

​In the mid-2000s, when I met the guy who gave me the carp virus. I was a teenager. He passed on to me his values of sharing, discretion, friendship and passion for this fish.

15 years later I am now on the other side of the Atlantic, in Canada, a land where there are many carps but the locals abandon them for the tastier fish.

One summer evening in 2017 on the Mille Isles River, I met Christian, a simple, straightforward, hard-working and humane man. He sees fishermen with a strange gear stalking a fish called carp. We discuss, sympathize, I show him some basic tricks and by dint of perseverance, he steals his first carp.

The virus is caught! This virus is as much the virus of a friendship as of a passion. One year later, the Team Carpe Aventure was born.

Since 2018, several Quebecers and French people have collaborated with the Team: Benoit, Patrick, and Steeve T. for Quebec and Yvon for France.

Since 2020, Steeve alias La Vedette has joined the ranks of the Team’s administrators and ambassadors.

Based on the sharing of our passion and our values, this is the beginning of a beautiful story that we will tell on this site as an Ambassador of the RPC but passionate above all…

Team Carpe Aventure


JustOne alias PoissMan

Co-funder and leader

Passionate about carp fishing for more than 15 years. I first practiced multi-species fishing in France before specializing on this species. French, I immigrated to Quebec in 2015 and since then I spend my time exploring this fishery here and pass on my passion to Quebecers. I continue to fish in France every holiday with my family. I invite you to come and discover the magnificent wilderness of the St. Lawrence.
My nickname ”PoissMan”, comes from the word ”jinx” which means bad luck, because when I went to the water’s edge with my mentor, there were always things going on that made fishing very difficult…


Cricri alias ElPadawan


Initially a bass and pike fisherman in a kayak, it was chance that made me turn to carp fishing.  A meeting at the edge of the water of a group of passionate people, a first fight with this fantastic fish, then a second one and the bite was caught. I appreciate the strategic and active aspect of this fishing while making it possible to chill out with family or friends.

To try it is to adopt it! El Padawan because PoissMan took him under his wing and he became the Padawan of the Jedi Master. Lol!

Steve alias La Vedette

Director and Ambassador Quebec

Fishing carp was really a “must” for me. Since I have been fishing this fabulous fish, my days are always full. As soon as the end of winter arrived, I am ready for another exceptional fishing season. Whether it’s for a surprising start or the size of the catch, every fish is different. I accepted to join this group of talented fishermen for their respect for the fish but above all to help you to know better what is today, for me, a passion.